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Artist | Han Jeong Lee

Everyday thoughts and events

My work begins with the memory of the countless landscapes I have seen passing through the car window in the past. All of these memories accumulate in my memory and together with my current emotions create a new place. By harnessing the energy and vitality of nature, I try to shape this amazing place. The energy and vitality of nature are the beginning of life and allow me to fully feel my existence.

What makes us look back on the existence of the 'I' are new and unfamiliar landscapes without any trace of buildings or people but an infinite horizon. As I contemplate the vast and endless nature stretching out before my eyes, I feel the echo of life in my feet, a pile of stones and dirt, an unfamiliar tree and grass growing beside it.

As in paintings, the ink dots pile up and turn out to be trees, forests, fields, mountains and other creatures. We try to reveal the creatures' feelings through their colors. weeds and dry trees. The field with the lush soil has an orange appearance. The rocky mountain, slightly exposed by the dense conifers, shines with a white light that makes us feel the chill of winter. A lawn smiles at us in a lush green that has seen a lot of sunlight and water while growing. The facial expressions of nature mix with my feelings. And the moment I see her, I create a new world. Even when I'm not in the conscious, physical action, I calmly and serenely draw a part of nature that is constantly changing with a faint aftertaste.

My work begins with the memory of the countless natural scenery passing by outside the car window.The landscapes I have seen and experienced in the past are accumulated in my memory, and the emotions I have in the present are added to create a new space.I tried to shape my inner space by borrowing the energy and vitality of nature, which is the beginning of life and allows me to fully feel my existence..

A new and unfamiliar landscape with no traces of any buildings or people on the vast land that touches the sky makes me look back on my existence itself.Looking at the vast and endless nature in front of your eyesPiles of stones and dirt underfootan unknown treeAnd I feel the echo of life that dwells in the weeds that have grown innumerable beside it is entering me..

The food points piled up one by one as if practicing training become a tree.become a forestbecome a fieldIt becomes a mountain and manifests itself as another life form.I tried to reveal the expression of the creature through the color added on it.Overgrown dirt fields with weeds and dry trees take on an orangey lookThe rocky mountain slightly exposed between the thick coniferous trees gives off a white expression that feels the chill of winter.The lawn, which has been soaked with water and has become more vivid in sunlight, often takes on a green expression.The expression of nature is mixed with my emotions looking at it, creating a new world.In it, even at this moment, when we are not aware of it, we silently observe a part of nature that is constantly changing with a quiet resonance.I draw calmly.

Career Highlights

Hanjeong Lee 


2009 Graduated from the Department of Landscape Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

2005 Graduated from Department of Korean Painting, College of Art and Design, Ewha Womans University


solo exhibition

2020 ‘Quiet’, Dorothy Salon, Seoul

     ‘Look at the wind’, Maru Art Center, Seoul

2019 ‘The expression of the landscape’, Gallery Daon, Seoul

2017 ‘The expression of the landscape’, Anyang Art Center, Anyang

 ‘The expression of the landscape’, E-Land Space, Seoul

 ‘Scenery Begins’, Humax Village Art Room, Seongnam

2016 ‘The Expression of the Landscape’, Gallery Poetry:Jak, Seoul

2015 ‘Fields’, Gallery 1898, Seoul

2014 ‘Unfamiliar Scenery’, Cheonglim Gallery, Gwangmyeong

2010 ‘Tianwon’, Gong Gallery, Beijing, China


group exhibition

2020 Gilead Hope Gallery ‘Ieum: Connecting Minds’, Gallery Grimson, Seoul

 Urban Break Art Asia, COEX, Seoul

 Upclose 01, M Contemporary, Seoul

 Art Gyeonggi X Art Road 77, Heyri Art Village, Paju

 Ontact Art Gyeonggi, Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus, Suwon

 ‘Park Young Gonggam’, Gallery Park Young, Paju

 Art Competition Online Art Show, Studioki, Paju

   Asiaf Hidden Artist, Hongik University Museum of Art, Seoul

 Art Pandemic Project Corridor Art Fair, Gana Atelier, Yangju

 ‘Again, Spring’, Maru Art Center, Seoul

 ‘Start’, Gallery Grimson, Seoul

2019 Adaptive defense, Incheon Student Education and Culture Center Gaon Gallery, Incheon

     Project Zebra, Art Space Bom, Suwon

 Asiaf Hidden Artist, DDP, Seoul

 One Span Painting Art Fair, The Art Plant Yo Gallery, Seoul

2018 Asiaf Hidden Artist, DDP, Seoul

     ‘Circumstances’ The 24th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA

     ‘Osan Museum of Art New Collection Exhibition’, Osan Museum of Art, Osan

2017 ‘Love & Stripe’, AK Gallery, Suwon

 ‘Present for present’, Gallery Elle, Seoul

2016 ‘The Shift’ Gallery Park Young Artist Contest, Gallery Park Young, Paju

     Pink Art Fair, JW Marriott Hotel, Seoul

     Hwarang Art Festival, COEX, Seoul

     ‘逸香素’ Young Women Artists Exhibition, Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

     Husohoe Young Artist Invitational Exhibition, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center

     SOAF Emerging Artist, COEX, Seoul

     Art Busan, Bexco, Busan

     Gyeongnam Art Fair, Changwon Convention Center, Changwon

 Asiaf Hidden Artist, DDP, Seoul

 ‘The Fourth Scenery’, Dorothy Salon, Seoul

 Breeze Art Fair, Blue Square, Seoul

 ‘December’, Dorothy Salon, Seoul

2015 ‘Love & Respect’, AK Gallery, Suwon

     ‘逸香素’ Young Women Artists Exhibition, Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

     ‘Please Write’, Alpha Gallery/Violet Cafe, Seoul

     Gyeomjae Jingyeong Art Exhibition, Gyeomjae Jeongseon Museum of Art, Seoul

     ‘Post it’, Gallery Daon, Seoul

     ‘New & Emerging Artists’, LVS Project, 서울

     Asiaf Hidden Artist, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul

     ‘Brilliant Youth’, Moz Gallery, Seoul

     Manif 21! Seoul International Art Fair, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

     ‘Silent Resonance’ Shinhan Young Artist Festa, Shinhan Gallery, Seoul

     ‘I am an unknown artist’, Arko Art Museum, Seoul

     ‘Hashtag’, Gallery Daon, Seoul

     ‘BIG 100 Family’, Gallery Parkyoung, Paju

     Daewoong Art Space Young Artist Group Exhibition, Daewoong Art Space, Seoul

2014 Seoul International Art Association Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition, Tokyo Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan

     The 16th Danwon Art Festival, Danwon Art Museum, Ansan

2013 ‘Open Door’ Founding Exhibition of Korean Art Association in China, Korean Cultural Center in China, Beijing, China

‘World’s Ink and Ink’ International Ink Exchange Exhibition, China Chemical Industry Base, Shenzhen, China

2012 ‘Expression of Life’, Insa Art Plaza Gallery, Seoul

2011 ‘Return to Korea’, Mudeung Gallery, Gwangju

2010 ‘She’s Vision’ Exhibition of contemporary female artists, Chengdu Station, Chengdu, China

      ‘Nihao! Landscape’ Korea-China Landscape Painting Exchange Exhibition, Korean Cultural Center in China, Beijing, China

      CUVE 2nd Auction Party, Space DA, Beijing, China

      Gwangju Art Fair, Kim Dae-jung Convention Center, Gwangju

      ‘36.5℃’ Charity Auction of Korean Cultural Center in China, Korean Cultural Center in China, Beijing, China

2009 ‘Complete Mind’, KU Art Center, Beijing, China

      CUVE 1st Auction Party, Space DA, Beijing, China

      A-1 Grand prix 2009 Exhibition, SeongneungHoly Linggallery, Shanghai, China

      ‘She’s Vision’ Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art Female Artists, Gangsan Museum of Art, Chongqing, China

2008 ‘Accompanying’ International Exchange Exhibition, Graduate School of Chinese Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Korean Cultural Center in China, Beijing, China

‘Mukyeon’, Jinshan Gallery, Beijing, China

‘East Asian Visual Art Exhibition’, Capital Library, Beijing, China

‘Look at the scale’, Gallery Woorim, Seoul

Asian University Student Art Exhibition, Geumil Museum of Art, Beijing, China

Songzhuang Art Festival, Korean Pavilion, Original Art Exhibition Center, Songzhuang, China

2007 Painting Exhibition, Department of Landscape Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Ink and Ink Art Institute, Shandong, China

‘景靜境鏡’ Lee Han-jung, Kanazawa Yuna Two-person Exhibition, 798 Margine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China


Awards and other careers

2018 Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles 24th Annual Juried Art Exhibition Selected Artist Award

2017 Anyang Culture and Arts Foundation Regional Art Activity Contest Support Project Selected Artist

2017 E-Land Cultural Foundation 7th Selected Artist

2016 Gallery Parkyoung The Shift 1st Selected Artist

2016 The 8th Husohoe Young Artist Award

2015 The 13th Gyeomjae Jingyeong Art Exhibition

2014 The 16th Danwon Art Festival


art collection

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Art Bank, Government Art Bank, Gyeonggi Museum of Art, Osan Museum of Art, E-Land Cultural Foundation, Seoul Eastern District Court, SKMS Research Center, Gallery Daon, etc. private collections



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