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    Whether you a Original Artwork or you are looking for a high-quality art print, at artlia we have exclusive original paintings for sale by emerging artists from all over the world, especially from Korea, China and Central Asia.

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    Whether you are an abstract original painting, a modern work of art or a limited edition watercolor print signed by the artist, artlia has numerous exclusive original paintings and prints for sale.

    Paintings both reflect the artist's point of view and possess a distinct voice that conveys a unique message to each viewer. Some collectors focus on specific mediums, such as oil paintings on canvas or watercolors. Others specialize in a particular style, be it fine art, street art, or expressionist paintings.

    As the world's fastest emerging Online Art Gallery artlia is passionate about helping people around the world discover, fall in love with and own unique paintings by some of the most talented emerging artists from around the world, particularly Korea, China and Central Asia.

    If you need a little more help finding the perfect piece of art from our selection of original paintings for sale, we also invite you to take advantage of our expert art advice service. As Vincent Van Gogh once said, "Paintings have a life of their own that comes from the soul of the painter."

    techniques of works of art

    Paint is a liquid mixture of pigment and a binder such as oil or water. A painting is created on a two-dimensional surface (ground); a mural or fresco is also considered a painting. Oil, acrylic and watercolor paints are among the most commonly used paint types today.

    Before oil became the dominant color of choice for European painters around the turn of the 16th century, tempera was the dominant medium. Tempera is an extremely colourfast color, as evidenced by the many centuries-old but still vibrant tempera paintings that survive today. It is made by mixing powdered pigments with a binder such as egg yolk (the most common), glue, honey, water, milk, or a vegetable gum. Since tempera dries quickly, it is usually applied in thin layers until the desired color saturation is reached. In contrast, oil paint dries very slowly, allowing artists to apply the paint in thick layers and easily blend the colors together. The oils used for painting are extracted from linseed, walnut and poppy.

    Watercolor is made by mixing pigments with water and is usually applied to paper. Before the 19th century, watercolor was used primarily for sketching, but with artists like J.M.W. Turner slowly became a respected medium.

    Invented in the 20th century, acrylic paint is synthetic and water soluble, and once dry looks very similar to oil paint. Acrylic paint is perhaps the most popular type of paint among modern and contemporary artists. To create a painting, an artist applies paint with a brush or other tool, such as a paintbrush. B. a spatula, on a surface such as a canvas, a wooden board, paper, a wall, glass, copper or concrete.

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