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5 Überraschende Wege, wie Kunst Ihr Leben verbessern kann

5 Surprising Ways Art Can Make Your Life Better

When you engage in art, you quickly realize that you feel good. Whether you prefer modern themes, classic styles, sculptures, still life or ceramics, the desire for art exists even among those who do not consider themselves artistic. But art isn't just there to please the eye. Studies show that engaging in art has a multitude of benefits that affect our health, our success, and even our lives. Let's take a closer look at some of the ways art can improve your life.

1. Contact with art makes you smarter.

Did you know that looking at art has a direct effect on the brain? In 2011, the University of London discovered that when people see beautiful paintings, blood flow to the brain increases by up to 10%. And in 2013, a social science experiment found that students who attend art exhibitions exhibit higher levels of critical thinking, empathy, and social tolerance than those who don't Works of art look at. These and many other examples show that arts education is just as critical as the other subjects to be learned about. Maybe the word "art"for good reason in"smart" and artlia!

Unbekanntes Gesicht 08 - Poster Jae-Chul Jung artlia
Unknown face 08 by Jae-Chul Jung

2. Art heals the body and mind.

Much attention has been paid to this fact in recent years as doctors find that viewing and creating art offers a variety of health benefits. It reduces stress, improves mental health and strengthens the immune system. Art accelerates patient recovery time and improves hospital staff productivity.

UK-based Paintings in Hospitals has relied solely on this fact to display 4,000 works of art in hospitals in the UK, Wales and Ireland. There is so much evidence that arts improve health that we now have certified therapists who specialize in the arts.

wiederspruchliche-grenze-05-kunstwerk-jae-chul-jung-artlia-online-art-galeria-20122461798552Contradictory limit 05 by Jae-Chul Jung

3. Viewing art makes you more productive.

Viewing art may seem like magic, but science tells us otherwise. The Guardian reports that office workers, the plants and Works of art in their workspace were 15% more effective at getting their jobs done on time. That number doubled to 30% when they were allowed to arrange the art themselves where they wanted. Colors in a workspace affect the type of work you want to do. Blue gives a feeling of stability, while yellow sharpens the mental focus and red promotes creativity.

wiederspruchliche-grenze-03-kunstwerk-jae-chul-jung-artlia-online-art-galeria-20103210696856Contradictory limit 03 by Jae-Chul Jung

4. Works of art open doors to communication.

The visual arts are an excellent way to communicate something when there is no words to describe it. It's a way we express ourselves and think about the state of people. We create an image with a message based on what we think or how we feel and share it with others who try to interpret it. This exchange is powerful and opens doors of communication that other methods could not open. Seen from this angle, art could be the ticket to a more peaceful world.

wiederspruchliche-grenze-02-kunstwerk-jae-chul-jung-artlia-online-art-galeria-20102927909016Contradictory limit 02 by Jae-Chul Jung

5. Art is a fuel that enriches the quality of life.

Art not only improves our physical and mental health, it also enables us to have a sense of purpose. The creativity that comes with producing and viewing art can change the way we view life and assure us that better days are ahead. Are you feeling overwhelmed by something? Take a moment to enjoy art or grab a brush or pencil yourself. Art offers an escape from everyday life and gives us the opportunity to look at and solve problems from a healthy, impersonal perspective.

unbekanntes-gesicht-10-kunstwerk-jae-chul-jung-artlia-online-art-galeria-20098096464024Unknown face 10 by Jae-Chul Jung

Are you inspired to find more art in your life? Stop by an art gallery on your way home or while running errands to take advantage of the benefits mentioned. Otherwise, you can now view art directly on our website look at!

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