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Beteiligung von irritierenden Marketing-Agenturen

Involvement of irritating marketing agencies

The world of art is an ever-evolving and vibrant world where creative expression and innovation reign supreme. As gallery owner of ARTLIA, I have the privilege of being at the forefront of this exciting industry, showcasing the work of talented artists and connecting with art lovers from all walks of life.

However, even as I embark on a much-needed holiday with my family on the west coast of England, I am constantly interrupted by calls from various marketing agencies trying to sell their services. You must have a common contact list with websites because as soon as I accept a quick call with one agency, I receive many calls from other agencies as well. Even though I understand that these people are just doing their job, I can't help but be frustrated and upset by their lack of professionalism and courtesy. (Should I list her name and phone number here?)

What annoys me the most is their inability to correctly pronounce the name of my gallery. It's ART-LIA, not AR-TI-LA. If they don't even take the time to pronounce my company's name correctly, how can I trust them to take the time to understand my needs and provide me with quality services? It is important for every marketing agency to remember that successful partnerships are based on trust, mutual understanding and respect.

Despite their persistent and pushy tactics, I refuse to be rude to them. After all, these people are not the advisors themselves, but are simply making appointments for the next conversation with an advisor. However, it is important that they understand that my priority as a gallery owner is to meet the needs of my customers and that I will only improve the performance of my website gradually and carefully.

When I think about the situation, I can't help but wonder if the name ARTLIA itself could be the root of the problem. While it is easy for me as a Korean to pronounce the name ARTLIA, it seems to pose difficulties for people from a different cultural and linguistic background. The combination of the consonants “T” and “L” may pose a particular challenge for some. This got me thinking about whether a name change might be necessary.

The name ARTLIA is the combination of ART and the Latin ending LIA like Italia. Of course the name ARTLIA will not be changed. Rather, the situation gave me an idea. To incentivize people to pronounce my gallery's name correctly, I'm considering offering a discount to anyone who can pronounce "ARTLIA" correctly. Not only will this help people remember the name better, but it will also add a fun and engaging element to the overall experience of visiting our ARTLIA gallery.

It seems that the marketing agencies have already helped us a lot.



25% discount will be deducted at checkout
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