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Looking at art online contributes to well-being

Looking at art online still reduces stress and increases euphoria

Everyone has their own place of healing. Some people feel happy walking into a department store, others feel good walking into a bookstore. art galleries are such a place.

Art galleries are fun to browse, immerse yourself in and gain new perspectives. Also, you can breathe a sigh of relief when you walk in the same direction as other people. A series of processes make you feel alive. It lowers stress hormones and makes you feel out of the world and into another world. These are all factors that increase happiness.

So what about Online Art Galleries? Would they have an effect similar to viewing artworks online without visiting the gallery in person?

Online art galleries do have a positive impact.

The browsing of Online Art Galleries can also become one sense of well-being contribute. Research results that include published in the international journal of the University of Vienna show this clearly. It is well known that works of art, like paintings, can have a positive impact on health and well-being. However, it is not clear whether such effects are also conveyed via the Internet. Therefore, the research team designed an experiment.

In the experiment, participants viewed artworks by accessing an online gallery using a smartphone or tablet. The research team measured the psychological state and well-being of the participants. It found that visiting online galleries had a positive effect on the psyche. It helped reduce negative mood, anxiety and loneliness and increased subjective well-being.

To achieve this, one does not have to spend a lot of time in the online gallery. It was enough to engage with the images for about 3 minutes to achieve a positive effect. If you delve into the artwork, the effect is even greater.


To what extent can the positive effect of online galleries be determined?

It has been found to be comparable to the effect of a real art gallery. In addition, it has been found to be similar to the benefits naturally given. What is most interesting is that it resembles the advantages of nature. It is known that green nature has a positive effect on mental strength and, moreover, protects cognitive abilities. So is there a way to maximize the impact generated by the online gallery? A more immersive environment can be effective. People who found meaning and beauty in online artwork felt more positive, the study found. That is, the greater the benefit.

For me personally it worked very well. Because of my work, I look at a lot of artwork online. Just looking at artwork on the internet, even for a short time, has really lifted my spirits. If you are annoyed and stressed out by everyday life, you should look at art on the Internet. Even if you just take a few minutes, you will experience a much better mood. 

Here at arthat online art gallery is one of the possibilities. We have artworks from all over the world, especially from East Asia like Korea. Now take 5 minutes and look at the works of art arthat. It will relieve your stress and make you happy.



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