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Advantages of canvas prints and canvas art

This is probably one of the questions we get asked the most. Which type of printing should I choose? Should I go for paper prints or for Canvas prints decide? What will look good on my wall? In which case should I choose what? In this post we will talk about the benefits of canvas prints and hope that as you read, your questions will be answered and you will feel empowered to decide Canvas pictures to suit your space.

The 5 most important advantages of canvas pictures and canvas prints

1. No glare

Photos framed behind glass or printed on glossy paper can look stunning in the right room. However, in rooms with a lot of light - whether natural or artificial - the shiny surface can cause glare and reflections that prevent the viewer from seeing the photo as it was intended. Canvas prints On the other hand, they have a silky matt surface and are therefore the perfect medium for presenting photos in bright rooms.

2. Versatility in style

Canvas pictures are classic and timeless. They therefore suit all interior design styles and are among the most popular photo gift ideas. The versatility also means they will look great in your home for years to come as your decorating tastes change.

3. Budget friendly

One of the most valued benefits of printing on canvas is affordability. The cost of printing a photo on a 24" x 36" canvas is much cheaper than purchasing a similarly sized piece of art or painting. And not only that: it's also much nicer to see works of art or pictures in such a large format!

4. So many size options

Canvas pictures are available in so many different sizes that it's easy to achieve exactly the look you want, whether that's a single oversized print or a gallery wall with several smaller prints. artlia, for example, offers 6 different print sizes, from the small 30x30 cm Canvas Mini to the impressive 61x91 cm Canvas Print.

5. Almost any photo or picture looks good printed on canvas

Another great feature of canvas printing is that almost any type of photo or image you want to print will look good. Some art products have unique characteristics that limit the type of images you can print on them. Portraits, for example, don't look great on a classic silver metal print because the raw, brushed aluminum reveals areas of low saturation that show up in the photo. Canvas prints, on the other hand, make almost any image look its best, except for images where the objects are very small.

The 5 most important advantages of canvas printing with artlia

As you can see, there are several reasons why printing on canvas is a good option, but not all canvas prints are created equal! In addition to the general benefits listed above, here are five benefits you can take advantage of if you choose arthat decide to have your selected images printed on canvas.

1. Longevity

arthat Canvas paintings are made from high quality materials that are designed to last. Other canvas print providers use solvent-based printers and chemical inks, which produce an inferior product that fades in less than 10 years. They also use liquid laminates that look good initially but crack, fade and yellow over time. artlia, on the other hand, prints images on canvas using the giclée process using original HP Vivera latex inks, so that the images remain vibrant and do not fade for over 200 years.

2. Longevity

With the canvas pictures from arthat Not only do the pictures look good for years, the canvas and frame are also designed to last a long time. Many canvas paintings on the market are made of cheap polyester canvas, but we use premium, acid-free, PH neutral, poly-cotton based canvas. The frame on which we professionally stretch your canvas is made from 38mm deep, hand-glued solid wood stretcher bars, whilst other suppliers often make their frames from plywood or using cheap framing kits which can bend and warp over time.

3. Nice texture

One of the advantages of canvas paintings and canvas prints compared to other smooth surface photographic art products such as: B. poster printing or acrylic glass printing, is the beautiful, structured canvas weave. Texture not only adds visual interest to your decor, but also helps soften image or photo imperfections. arthat Canvas pictures have a texture that looks amazing, especially compared to many of the very flat and homogeneous looking canvas prints produced by other canvas print companies.

4. Made in Europe

arthat Canvas pictures are made in Europe from products that come from Europe. This is something we are proud of and what sets us apart from other poster printers. There are other European companies that manufacture their own products but source their materials from China. Our canvas is made in Europe, our wood is European, and the product is printed and expertly handcrafted by Europeans

5. Environmentally friendly

In addition to sourcing their materials from overseas, other canvas printers also use canvases made with harsh chemical brighteners. artlia uses canvases that are bleached using an environmentally friendly process and non-toxic paints. In addition, we make our frames from selected wood that comes from renewable sources.



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