Skyline on canvas: Where art and urbanity meet


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    Dive into Marko Kurths Canvas Skyline: Discover the fascinating world of Marko Kurth, a versatile artist known for his mastery of graffiti and murals. As the lively city of Jena calls its origins, Kurth reveals himself not only as an independent graphic designer, but as a storyteller who brings a wide variety of artistic expressions to life - from delicate designs to comprehensive murals. As we journey through his works, we experience a seamless fusion of creativity, skill and the transformative power of visual storytelling.

    A deep look into Marko Kurth's artistic universe

    Graffiti with meaning:

    Kurth's artistic philosophy transcends traditional boundaries as his graffiti creations breathe new life into spaces with vibrant strokes that go beyond mere aesthetics. Whether it's a blank wall crying out for dynamic change or a conceptual design waiting to be born, Kurth's expertise spans the entire spectrum of graffiti and wall art.

    From idea to reality:

    What sets Kurth apart is his ability to move seamlessly from idea to implementation. He doesn't just create art; he shapes visual narratives that are in harmony with the essence of the space and the client's vision. Every stroke is purposeful, every color carefully chosen, resulting in bespoke creations that tell stories beyond the surface.

    Popular cities for skyline canvases

    People often ask about the most popular cities for skylines. Metropolises such as New York City, Paris, London, Tokyo and iconic skylines from all over the world are often chosen. At artlia we offer skyline canvases of cities such as New York, Brussels, Cologne, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Jena, Naumburg, Mariupol, Istanbul and many more. More skylines are still being created.

    Custom skyline canvases

    Many customers want to know if they can order a custom skyline canvas with a specific city or a combination of cityscapes to make it more personal. Of course, we create individual skyline murals. Simply contact us with your request ( 

    Who are the screens suitable for?

    Enthusiastic urban dwellers, art lovers and travel enthusiasts alike will be appealed to by Marko Kurth's skyline canvases. These artworks offer a visual journey through the iconic skylines of vibrant metropolises as art lovers appreciate the skill and creativity in every stroke. For avid travelers, the canvases serve as visual souvenirs that capture the essence of cities around the world.

    Where to hang:

    Transform urban apartments, home offices and creative studios into artistic oases with Kurth's Skyline canvases. Travel-inspired spaces become visual retreats with these canvas prints that capture the spirit of your favorite cities.

    Ideal as a gift:

    Surprise art lovers, travel companions and home decor enthusiasts with a unique piece from Marko Kurth's collection. Every canvas picture is a testament to artistic genius and creativity.

    Immerse yourself in Marko Kurth's world

    Journey from the streets to the silver screen:

    Join us on a captivating journey through the world of Marko Kurth, where graphic design and graffiti art dynamically intersect. From the bustling streets of Jena to the expansive canvas of creativity, Marko's work speaks volumes about the transformative power of visual expression.

    Stories behind every line:

    Prepare to be inspired as you explore the stories behind every mural, every day, and every stroke of Marko Kurth's artistic journey. Each piece tells a story and provides insight into the artist's creative process and the emotions woven into each creation.


    Marko Kurth's skyline canvases transcend the boundaries of pure art; they are windows into the soul of cities, living reflections of city life and personal invitations to embark on visual journeys. Whether you are an urban enthusiast, art lover, or someone who wants to bring creativity into their surroundings, Marko Kurth's Skyline canvases invite you to explore and embrace the transformative power of art.