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The first step in founding a company

The first step in turning the business idea that I had in mind for a long time into reality was to create the name and the corresponding logo. Because everything starts with a name and a logo. These include, for example, the design concepts of the website and the tone of voice used to communicate with customers. Of course, with the endless paperwork for company registration and application forms for a tax number, one cannot do without a company name. In addition, the Internet domain should also be available with the desired name. That is why the first step was the most difficult and lengthy. A name had to be found that was easy to pronounce and recognize on the one hand and was not yet taken on the other. The logo with the name should fit harmoniously into the overall design of the online gallery website. For me, the biggest goal was to convey the sincerity and honesty behind it through the name and logo. From then on I began to spend long nights pondering, trying out and questioning with these ideas.


The company was initially going to be registered in Germany, but considering expanding the region, I wanted to create a name that wasn't limited to a specific language or region. So I started to invent various names with the English word "art" instead of the German word "Kunst". I added a prefix or suffix that would match the prefix or suffix of the word "art" and looked for words that would match "art", like heyart (Herz), participate (participate), cart (wagon), mart (Market), atlantic  (Atlantik,) Antfaceica (Antarctica), atlas (Atlas), etc. Among them, the name that initially appealed to me was artlas. The pronunciation is similar to Atlas in Greek mythology, so it's familiar and short, so it sticks on the tongue. But unfortunately the domain was already taken, so I had to give it up.


Logo design

We had rough drafts for the logo to make a decision, but there were a few things to consider:

  • Whether a single letter logo should be developed to make the name easier to remember
  • Whether to choose a logo with an icon like Starbucks or Mercedes
  • which colors could fit the concept
  • what font should be used, etc.

Building artlia was a lengthy process with many small questions that had to be asked over and over again. While thinking about a company logo, I found a number of websites that automatically generated the company logo by inserting industry groups and keywords. Ultimately, these websites weren't very helpful, but they made me realize one thing. Creating a name and logo is a challenge for all entrepreneurs.


In any case, these websites offered only cheap solutions. In the end I decided to design the logo myself. To keep it simple but memorable, it is based on the alphabet. It shouldn't be too long and fit into a square or circle like almost all logos. It shouldn't be too high either, so that it doesn't take up unnecessary space on the website. The color of the logo should harmonize well with the background color. It should be eye-catching, but not steal the show from the artwork or other details.

After many attempts, a design I liked became more and more refined. In the case of the design concept and font we chose, capital letters were not advantageous.


The final decision

With some rough design suggestions in hand, it was time to choose the final design. Unfortunately, the opinions of the people around me were very different. My personal favorite "artlia" nevertheless did quite well with all those questioned. With my many years of experience as an employee, it was very difficult for me to take on such a great responsibility, because once the name is set, it can no longer be changed.

` Ultimately I made my decision based on the good balance of design and phonology between the first and last letter of the name "artlia" chosen. artlia - Online Art Galeria. That was the perfect name I was looking for!


When I called his name
it came to me
and became a flower.

Quoted from "Flowers, 꽃" - Chunsoo Kim (Korean poet)

What kind of a person are you

To be honest, as I prepared to start a business, simulate sales, and weigh costs and profits, I felt like I was preparing for a huge business. But once the name and logo were settled, it was much more like the feeling of a young couple waiting for the birth of their first child. How will it look? How will his voice sound? How will it speak? I started putting personality into the name. In branding/marketing, this phenomenon is called persona. In marketing, persona is what you define. But when I created the brand myself, I was assimilated into that brand myself, rather than pinning down and packaging that brand's personality. The personas containing my desires, expectations and philosophy grew within the brand.

As the brand was given this personality, a kind of fatherly love actually developed. After all the years and all the work behind it, finding a nice name and a nice logo for my dream and actually fulfilling it makes me incredibly proud and happy.

Persona is a psychological term that I could understand why it was adopted from marketing and branding. There is much more to artlia than just a business. Under this name it is impossible for me to sell any product to people with lies.

artlia online art galeria logo (7)Art print on canvas


It's round and doesn't contain capital letters, so it's not authoritative, but friendly and humble. What I like most about this logo design is that the first letter is transparent so it fits anywhere and blends in with the surroundings. When placed on a picture with a flower in the background, as in the case of the pillow below, it fits just as well as it does on the different colored backpack. The fact that the logo fits on any background makes it feel very natural to me, which in turn makes me feel like people can visit a quiet gallery with a smell of wood, enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee and leisurely explore the images. No lies. Only comfort, trustworthiness, humanity and intense impressions and feelings. I hope to make this website expressive enough that some other people feel the same way.

color of the logo

Gray is neither a contrasting nor distinctive color, so it goes well with other colors and does not harm the artworks. The red color counteracts the gray in the sense of drawing attention to yourself in a small voice but not wanting to disturb you further.

artlia is...

artlia is an online art gallery registered in Germany that presents and sells artworks by artists from all over the world. By selling its original artwork and printed artwork concurrently, the gallery improves accessibility and makes it easier for the public to access the artwork. Products with artwork printed on mugs or bags and phone cases are also available here, allowing the artwork to be deeply integrated into daily life.


"Because I have many artists in my family and I paint and make ceramics myself, I know that there are so many talented but undiscovered and unknown artists around us. For a long time I have thought about the hurdles for exhibition and sale of their artworks and share the profits equitably so that they can continue their works.Since the art industry is already very big, it is difficult to establish itself as a gallery, so initially advertising is unavoidable.Since most of the income is spent on advertising there aren't many profits to share at the moment, but you can see if their works have any commercial value, what types of people like their works, etc. Finally, it can also be a testing ground to put the feedback on to see their artworks from all over the world."


Hyoun Wook Song, founder of artlia


As visitor numbers increase and sales increase, creating a steady source of income would be a bonus.

This gallery is also intended to serve as a bridge for Korean artists to enter Germany and Europe, and for Germans and Europeans to learn about Korean art and thus a piece of Korean culture.

In cooperation with a Korean gallery, Korean works can be presented in Germany and later throughout Europe.

artlia, just opened, is still like a new born baby. But just as a newborn carries the genes of its parents, I hope it will grow up with the ideals and philosophy of the first founding members... the feeling of parents wanting to raise their child well.

About us  | Our history