Important information when purchasing an original work of art

Please familiarize yourself with the following points carefully

  • You will receive a certificate from the artist, which proves the authenticity of the work of art
  • In the event of a return without a valid reason (such as damage, etc.), the costs of returning the artwork are to be borne by the customer

Are you interested in a real work of art from Korea?

Before you decide to buy, we would like to give you some advice

  • Not sure where to hang the artwork?
  • Do you first want to make sure whether and how the work of art fits into your house?
  • You want to convince yourself before buying a real work of art from Korea?

The artwork will have come a long way to get to your home. In order to avoid unnecessary costs and inconveniences, we therefore recommend that you first purchase a poster of the work. This way you can judge for yourself whether the picture suits you. You will find a red art print button at the bottom of this page to try it.